The developers of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare didn’t just come up with random ideas for technologies to add into the next edition of one of the world’s most popular gaming franchises. Instead it turned to devices that already exist for inspiration.

Sledgehammer Games talked more about the technologies players will have at their disposal earlier today in a video posted YouTube.

Futuristic vehicles like hover bikes are along for the ride. So too is the Threat Detection Grenade, a quick way for users to find out if they’re in danger without exposing themselves to enemies. Joining the Threat Detection Grenade will be an automated shield that follows the player but drops down so that they can shoot at enemies. The video also talks at length about the Exoskeletons that will allow players to disappear, climb buildings and move faster than he things around them.

Sledgehammer founder Glen Schoefield makes it clear in the video that they developed the game based on technology that was already available and that they just “took it further.” Sledgehammer wants this game to feel futuristic, but it’s also committed to keeping the game grounded in reality like past Call of Duty games.

It’s not clear yet when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will make it to store shelves. We do know that it has a release window for sometime in 2014.

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