It appears Xbox One owners will have the opportunity to purchase a Kinect 2 sensor from GameStop, one of the world’s largest video game retailers, very soon.

GameStop hasn’t formally announced that it’s selling Microsoft’s Kinect 2 sensor for the Xbox One away from a bundle just yet. That being said Polygon is reporting that GameStop began offering users with a Kinect 2 sensor $40 in trade-in credit or $32 in cash just last week.

Many are going to see this as an opportunity to rid themselves of a Kinect 2 sensor they haven’t been using from the original Xbox One bundle that still costs $499.

That being said, it’s also great for users who purchased a $399 Xbox One. That version of the console doesn’t include a Kinect 2 sensor. Without the sensor things like volume control or live television simply don’t work. Microsoft has only confirmed that it’ll eventually allow users to purchase a Kinect 2 sensor separate from the Xbox One. It hasn’t provided any information on when that separate Kinect 2 sensor might reach store shelves.

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