If you were looking for a new way to watch The L Word, Shameless, Masters of Sex or almost any of the other shows that require users to have a cable subscription or purchase them online you’re in luck. Showtime Anytime, an app that let’s users watch shows and movies that air on Showtime, is now available in the Xbox Store.

Microsoft announced Showtime Anytime’s arrival on the Xbox 360 yesterday, saying that Xbox One users could expect another version for their console later this year. In addition to on-demand movies and television, Showtime Anytime will let users watch their favorite programs as they air on television. That’s something all too rare from premium cable channels these days.

Thanks to last month’s Xbox Live update, Xbox 360 users won’t need an Xbox Live Gold subscription before they can download and stream content through Showtime Anytime for the Xbox 360. That being said, they’ll still need a cable subscription and a subscription to Showtime.

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