What do you get when you cross a techno beat, a lot base and one of the most catch songs to ever reach the top of the pop music charts? You get the GTA Remix of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” that’s available exclusively in Xbox Music.

Fancy fans can listen to the refreshed track online or through the Xbox Music app for Windows — even if they don’t have an Xbox Music Pass subscription right now. The track is also available through the Xbox Music apps for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S5. Unfortunately, users who try to access it through those apps will need that aforementioned Xbox Music Pass.

For a remix, the track isn’t half bad at all. You know, provided that you’re perfectly content to listen to the same lyrics being repeated before and after some extended music interludes. Don’t worry, you’ll want to dance faster than you can say “Ziggy Iggs.”

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