A white Xbox One is coming, and it could be included in a bundle with Sunset Overdrive later this year.

Rumors of a white Xbox One being sold directly to consumers spread yesterday after French retailer Micromania added a product to their database that outright referred to a white Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle. At the time, the page didn’t include much more information to go on. According to it, users could expect the White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle to arrive on October 28th for around $539.99.

Now Polygon is backing that leak up, saying that a Microsoft spokesperson informed it that it would be launching a Sunset Overdrive bundle later this year, but provided no further details. It makes sense that Microsoft would use the allure of a more rare Xbox One color to get users into stores to upgrade this fall. We’ve seen a white Xbox One before, but that was a limited edition version that only those at Microsoft who’d actually worked on the Xbox One were given. It included a matching controller, Kinect 2 sensor and “I Made This.” stamped on the front.

If Microsoft does launch the white Xbox One in the Sunset Overdrive bundle look for the company to announce it over the next month or so. Sunset Overdrive launches in North America on October 28th and in Europe on October 31st.

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