If by calling Ryse: Son of Rome an Xbox One exclusive, you thought Microsoft was saying that the gorgeous adventure game involving Roman generals, sword fighting and spear throwing was going to only be made available on Microsoft’s Xbox One console, you were mistaken. Earlier today Deep Silver, the game’s publisher, announced that owners of high-end laptops and desktops running Microsoft’s Windows operating system, will be able to play the game soon.

And by soon the publisher means, Fall 2014, according to Polygon. To be clear, buyers of Ryse: Son of Rome on the PC aren’t getting some half-baked experience either. The game’s developer, Crytek, is confirming that users should expect all of the game’s downloadable content and even a resolution boost in the form of 4K monitor support. You, know for the users who actually have a 4K display and a machine robust enough to run it.

Ryse: Son of Rome wasn’t just a part of the Xbox One’s launch window lineup, the game launched on the same night as the Xbox One. Microsoft even filed a few of its launch parties with real-life guards inspired by the game. Microsoft recently cut the price of Ryse: Son of Rome by $10 along with a few other of the Xbox One’s launch titles. For now, it appears that Ryse will at least remain a console exclusive game.

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