Don’t start calling any of the folks at Microsoft, Flo but it seems that someone working on the Xbox Team has discovered the power of bundling. Just weeks after announcing three new console bundles, today the company revealed that its standalone Kinect 2 sensor will cost $149.99 and include a copy of Dance Central Spotlight at no additional charge.

Microsoft’s Xbox Wire news blog shared details about the upcoming bundle this morning. Users can expect the new standalone Kinect 2 sensor to arrive on store shelves October 7th. Dance Central Spotlight will feature 10 songs for Xbox One owners to dance to. Players are then giving a score based on how accurately they are able to pull of those dance moves. Think of it as a fun party game for the entire family.

To be fair, Microsoft bundled a copy of Kinect Adventures with its first generation Kinect sensor, but that was hardly a win for anyone involved. That title was less of a game and more of a demo used to show off what the Kinect sensor is capable of.

The announcement of the Kinect 2 sensor bundle follows almost eight months of bundles. Since launching the Xbox One Microsoft has bundled copies of Forza 5, and Titanfall with it. Yesterday it released a Madden NFL 15 bundle that includes the game at no additional charge. Later this year it has plans for a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle and another that features Sunset Overdrive, it’s high-profile Xbox One exclusive title launching in October.

This Kinect 2 sensor bundle is meant for users who purchase the Xbox One at $399 without a Kinect 2 sensor. The company says since launching the cheaper console its seen demand build for a way to add Kinect 2 functionality back. Motion gaming, voice commands and live television all depend on a user having the Kinect 2 sensor plugged into their Xbox One.

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