If you were at some point hoping that Microsoft would attempt to rival the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS with a handheld of its very own then you’ve had a very disappointing few years. Don’t fret though, Microsoft is making up for its mobile gaming shortfall in quick order. Yesterday the company slashed prices on the Surface 2 to just $349.99.

As of right now the Surface 2 with 32GB on-board storage is the model that is going for a very reasonable $349 from the Microsoft Store. That being said, Microsoft has slashed prices on the entire line by $100, giving users the opportunity to snap up a model with 64GB of storage for $449 and a model with LTE connectivity for $579.99. In order to undercut those prices resellers at Ebay have also begin slashing their prices on the tablet’s refurbished brethren. Today, a refurbished Surface 2 with 32GB of storage is just $279.99 — an all-time low and absolute steal for anyone looking for a new tablet.

Featuring a 10.6-inch display, The Surface 2 is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad. It runs Windows 8 and has access to the Windows Store, but doesn’t allow users to install Desktop apps like iTunes. Think of a cheap Surface 2 is a great bargain-priced way to use Xbox One’s SmartGlass app or take your Xbox Music collection with you on the go. Users can also plug-in an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller and play games download from the store.

There’s no word yet if Microsoft has plans to introduce a new low-end Surface tablet sometime soon.

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