So you’re sitting around the house wondering what you’re going to do with you Thursday evening. You could go back into some of your older games and dumpster dive for Xbox Live achievements you don’t care about anyway or You could join the rest the United States and watch the Packers vs. Seahawks football game on your Xbox One.

If you’re interested in catching the Packers vs. Seahwaks game on your Xbox One and don’t already have DirecTV you an sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket and watch the game — as long as you don’t live in Seattle or Green Bay and live in an apartment. Just download the NFL on Xbox One app and snatch up a NFL Sunday Ticket subscription. To be clear, the service isn’t cheap but if you’re all about seeing Richard Sherman show those boys in yellow what an ass-kicking really is, it’s money well spent. Live streaming for the entire season starts a $239 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4. The good news is that Microsoft no longer requires users to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription on top of that.

We now return you to the Richard Sherman spectacular already in progress. No way Packers vs. Seahawks is a real game, this is going to be like target practice for him.

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