NBC’s The Cosby Show shouldn’t have made it big. The show was everything that African-American comedies before it wasn’t. Sure, you still learned a lesson at some point, but that was where the resemblance with stuff like Good Times ended stopped. The Cosby Show was about an affluent black family — who could absolutely dance their asses off during the beginning credits.

Ok, so as Vox’s explains, it wasn’t exactly as cut and dry as that. The Cosby Show was really about sitting down with a normal group of people and getting some really funny jokes as well as a cultural lesson. Still though, the show’s opening credits were the stuff of legend. Cosby and on-air family would get in front of the camera and absolutely break dance. If you were anywhere near a television when they aired, you instantly wanted to watch.

Vox breaks down each and every opening credit in chronological order, but we can save you some trouble. The season six opening was, in fact, the greatest thing to ever air on television. We’ve embedded it here for your enjoyment.

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