Late last month Netflix for the Xbox One received an update that brought it inline with the design of other Netflix apps, but totally gutted the Kinect enabled functionality that was available to Xbox One users. An update to the Netflix for Xbox One app is now rolling out that restores Kinect functionality — mostly.

Netflix itself hasn’t yet posted about the feature update, but users began reporting a Netflix for Xbox One app update earlier today. Visually, there’s not a lot that’s different about the app after its been updated, but users can now tell their console to pause in the middle of Mad Men while they tend to the mail. That’s the good news. There is bad news too.

Netflix still hasn’t seen fit to restore the gestures that Kinect enables. As such, users can talk to their Xbox One and tell it to play a specific show in their list and that’s it. You can’t select a title with your hand or manually fast forward through a show or movie as you could before. There’s no word on when that functionality will return.

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