In the 1990s there wasn’t a single television show more popular than Doug. The show, which featured a cast of middle and high-schoolers from all walks of life, was all about the things kids cared about. Each week we learned to deal with our issues internally by watching Doug scribble his deepest darkest secrets in his journal. We watched as Porckchop the dog decked out his house with a satellite dish. We also watched as Doug coped with the changes in his life by listening to his favorite band: The Beets. Doug has long gone off the air, but the spirit of The Beet’s music will live on. We’ve collected the best of the band’s tunes over the years and a few extras.

Killer Tofu

Killer Tofu was the quintessential song by The Beets. The song is essentially about absolutely nothing. I’m serious, there’s some talk about mouth bacteria but really. It’s just a really fun song.

I Need More Allowance

I Need More Allowance was and still is my go to song for getting more money out of my parents. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it conveys the point you’re trying to make. Give me more money, I need it parents.

The Beats get a lot of credit from Doug fans, but Doug did his on music videos too.

Now, we’re not saying you should somehow find a way to rip these from YouTube and load them on your music player of choice. We are saying that Xbox One and Xbox 360 both have YouTube apps. Doug creator Jim Jenkins talked about the philosophies behind the show in Slimed, a book about Nickelodeon’s Golden Age that debuted last year.

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