Every so often a television show comes along that changes your outlook on the medium. In the case of Avatar: Legend of Korra that medium is cartoons. Forget the garbage that airs on Cartoon Network, Legend of Korra is deep and thought-provoking and has the best animation we’ve seen yet in a cartoon. You don’t have to take my word for it though. Earlier this week Microsoft slashed prices on the first three seasons of Legend of Korra in the Xbox Video Store.

For a limited time Xbox One, Surface, Windows and Windows Phone users can pick up the first three seasons of Legend of Korra in high-definition for $12.99. Buying each season in standard definition is just $.1 less, which is pretty strange on a couple of different levels.

Legend of Korra follows Avatar Korra as she learns to control the elements and takes her place as the only person who can keep balance in an insane world with competing interests all around her. The current season is airing on Nickelodeon now.

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