Microsoft isn’t celebrating the birthday of the Xbox One with fireworks, candles or flashy celebrations with world landmarks in the backdrop. Instead, its spending those marketing dollars on free content for Xbox One users who helped it get this far.

The company detailed the birthday gifts and celebrations on its MajorNelson blog earlier today. According to Microsoft, Xbox One owners have spent around 2 billion hours playing games on the Xbox One and earned around 11 billion in Gamerscore.

All Xbox One owners are getting a Year One gamer picture, some new backgrounds for their Xbox One, and free rentals of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Additionally, Microsoft is throwing in what it’s calling a sampler pack of Dragon Ball Z episodes. Unfortunately, that sampler pack is for Xbox One owners in the United States and Canada.

When it launched the Xbox One Microsoft gave away gifts, codes and upgrades to Xbox Live users at random. That’s true here too. Random Xbox fans should start receiving emails with gift codes or links for redeeming physical codes. an Xbox One Limited Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle, Xbox one Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle, a year of Xbox Live and one month of EA Access are among the gifts being sent at random. Downloadable content for games will be included in the random giveaway as well.

Emails and free rewards kick off on Friday, November 21st — the day before the Xbox One’s original launch date.

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