First cost increases came for Netflix and we all did nothing. Now, the cost of renting a movie rom Redbox’s system of Blu-ray and DVD rental machines is going up.

According The Wall Street Journal renting a DVD of new releases to play on your PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and anything else will soon cost users $1.50. That’s a $.30 increase from the $1.20 it cost already. Additionally, renting a movie on Blur-ray will cost $2.00. The Journal’s piece indicates Redbox is trying to boost revenue by hiking prices and streamlining its operations.

Redbox doesn’t seem to be going broke or anything, it’s revenue just isn’t on the rise. It’s facing a lot of competition from different streaming services and integrated solutions for watching video. That being said, the company isn’t exactly in danger of being destroyed, it’s about the only place to rent physical media left. Redbox had a streaming service available on the Xbox 360. It’s no longer available.

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