It was only last week that Bungie, developers of Destiny, unleashed its first Dark Below expansion pack. Now the company that made a name for itself as the developer of Microsoft’s Halo franchise is back with new fixes and tweaks to address the issues users complained about.

Bungie announced the fixes coming to Destiny in a blog post earlier today and anyone who has already spent a lot of time snatching up gear in the last week will be impressed. Today’s update for Destiny includes fixes for weapons being able to penetrate shields when they shouldn’t be. Additionally, Bungie has fixed issues that effected charging up specific weapons. More broadly, all the gear that users earn in Raids from Corta’s End have been upgraded. A new helmet will show up for users even when they’re playing in normal.

Destiny arrived on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in September to mostly positive reviews. It’s an MMO game with first-person shooting mechanics. Purchasing the Dark Below on its own is $19.99 in the Xbox Store. Almost anyone can try Destiny for free thanks to a free trials that are available in the Xbox Store.

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