Microsoft is doing what most expected it wouldn’t. As gamers of all ages return to school and work on January 3rd, Microsoft and its retail partners will be busy changing price tags and placards for the Xbox One. That’s right. The Xbox One is going back to its regular $399 price.

Microsoft revealed the end of its holiday Xbox One discounts in a post on its Xbox Wire blog late yesterday. On Saturday, the Xbox One with a Kinect sensor will once again cost users $499. Again, the Xbox One without a Kinect sensor will cost $399.

The holiday discount is believed to have turbo charged sales of the Xbox One during the holidays. Certainly, the deal helped the console claim the title for top-selling console in the United States this past November. The Xbox One had only managed to pull that off once since launch. Without the promotional pricing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will cost the same amount for those who don’t want a Kinect 2 sensor.


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