With excitement already high ahead of next week’s Windows 10 media briefing, Microsoft isn’t letting a single detail leak about the operating system. That being said, it is ready to talk about how users at home will be able to follow along.

As it shared again this evening on its Blogging Windows site, Microsoft will broadcast the entirety of its Windows 10 media briefing on January 21st. Microsoft CEO Sataya Nadella, Operating Systems Group heads, Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore will also be on hand. So too, will Xbox’s Phil Spencer, hinting at something gaming related at the very least. The live stream and video replay will be available at the Windows 10 Story website.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 media briefing will kick off at 9AM Pacific Time or 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time. Windows 10 will run on all of Microsoft’s consumer products. It’ll power phones, notebooks, desktops and tablets, plus the Xbox One.

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