343 Industries, the developers in charge of releasing last year’s Halo: The Master Chief Collection and his year’s Halo 5: Guardians are back with another round of fixes for what should have been the must-have game from Microsoft.

343 Industries detailed today’s coming fix for Halo: The Master Chief Collection problems plaguing Xbox One gamers earlier today. According to their post on Halo Waypoint, owners of the game can expect more fixes for multiplayer matchmaking. Also included is a fix for Halo 2 multiplayer that should steady network performance. Among the other small changes are fixes for even teams. There’s also some controller tweaks for users who have the Legacy controller configuration enabled.

343 Industries says that all Xbox One owners connected to Xbox Live should see their versions of Halo: The Master Chief Collection updated over the next day or two. Whether that actually happens depends on whether gamers have disabled the low power mode that allows the Xbox One to update games and download news automatically. Anyone without an internet connection or the low-power mode turned off can manually update Halo: The Master Chief Collection the next time they’re connected to Xbox Live by simply opening the game.

Late last month Microsoft and 343 Industries announced they’d give every user who added Halo: The Master Chief Collection to their games collection and tried to play a free month of Xbox Live and a free download of an upcoming Halo 3: ODST add-on.

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