Thirsty for an outlet in which to project your apocalypse fantasies? First, you might want to get that checked out by trained professional. Second, check out 12 Monkeys; it’s the new post-apocalyptic drama airing on Syfy that throws in time travel for good measure. Also, you can watch it for free right now.

To be clear, only the pilot of 12 Monkeys is available free in Xbox Video. That being said, a season pass that allows users to get the entire first season of 12 Monkeys is on sale for $24.99 in high-definition and $19.99 in standard definition. Microsoft has also marked down the 12 Monkeys movie to just $8.99 in high-definition.

In the show James Cole is a time traveler sent back in time to stop a virus from destroying civilization. Sure, the plot isn’t all that original, but we all know Syfy has aired worse television.

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