Rest up this great morning folks, for tonight we watch the New England Patriots battle Seattle’s Seahawks for complete world domination. Yeah, we’re throwing in some hyperbole here, but they will battle for all the glory worthy of whoever wins Super Bowl 49. You can’t exactly watch Super Bowl 49 on your Xbox One without a little setup, but you can monitor the latest scores and stats on your Xbox One while you game and enjoy other streaming services.

The Super Bowl 49 broadcast rights belong to NBC this year and that means users will mostly need to tune into their channels and apps to enjoy. Xbox One users can watch Super Bowl 49 by just turning their connected cable box or HDTV antenna to their local NBC station. Once there they can snap the NFL on Xbox app for statistics updates and scores. Besides updated highlights, those with an NFL subscription will be able to stream special pre-game and post-game shows live through NFL on Xbox. Even if you’re watching something else the Xbox One app will provide you with score updates as the need arises, which NFL fans are probably hoping is very often. The NFL on Xbox app is free, but access to live streaming video — even the pre-game and post-game shows isn’t. Windows and Windows Phone users can watch through the same NBC Sports Live Extra apps that the network used for its coverage of the last Winter Olympic Games.

Super Bowl 49 kicks off at 6:30PM Eastern Standard Time and will last until there’s a clear winner in the fourth quarter or until Marshawn Lynch relents and starts answering media questions. We’re betting the former happens faster than the latter. Bing, the search engine built into the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, is projecting the New England Patriots as the winners despite having been created by the a company based in the Seattle area. Yeah, these search engines aren’t loyal.

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