If you were one of the many souls crushed by last year’s Battlefield Hardline delay, we have good news. Early this morning Electronic Arts and Visceral Games kicked off the Battlefield Hardline beta for everyone to enjoy.

As of right now any Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS3 and PS4 user can download the Battlefield Hardline beta directly to their console. As promised, it’s an open beta, meaning there are new separate purchases required. That being said, users will need an Origin account to participate. They’ll also need enough space to download the beta. Xbox One users should expect a 10GB to 11GB download. Xbox 360 users should expect a download round 4GB.

Battlefield Hardline isn’t a traditional war game. Instead, the multiplayer is all about members taking part in a war on crime. Some players will be tasked with pulling off heists and thefts. Others will need to stop them. Battlfield Hardline should arrive in final form, with a sort of episodic campaign, on March 17th.

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