That Fable Legends game that Microsoft promised would allow owners of its Xbox One console and PCs running Windows 10 to play alongside each other in multiplayer over Xbox Live? Earlier today developer Lionhead Studios dropped more big news. Absolutely no one will have an excuse for not even experiencing a bit of Fable Legends. Microsoft is giving away the game.

Lionhead Studios announced that Fable Legends would be free-to-play in a blog post on its website early this morning, setting off a fire storm. Anyone will be able to download the game from Microsoft’s servers at no charge. Lionhead is also committing to providing updates with new characters for users to play as and tasks to do. Users will have the option to spend cash on gold and pick up extras for their characters for customization. That being said, it’ll just be an option. Anything that can be purchased with real money, will be available through the game itself.

Most are claiming that Microsoft is making the game available absolutely free, but that may not be entirely true. Fable Legends will drop groups of players in a level and task them with getting around different trips and enemies set by a fifth player, or the game itself. Microsoft hasn’t made it clear yet, but it sounds as if Fable Legends will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription since its focused on multiplayer.

Microsoft hasn’t said exactly when Windows 10 will arrive on store shelves beyond 2015. The same goes for Fable Legends.

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