Trouble makers and career criminals rejoice! Grand Theft Auto 5’s Online Heists mode is finally available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Overnight Xbox One and Xbox 360 users began receiving a title update to their copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 that offer Online Heists absolute free, just as Rockstar Games, promised a few weeks ago. Most reports peg the update at around 400MB for the Xbox One, meaning it’s a pretty good idea to download this update over a Wi-Fi connection and not something where your usage is being tracked.

In a post on Rockstar Newswire, Rockstar lays out all the requirements for Online Heists and GTA Online. You’ll need to be a fairly wealthy character in GTA Online to run your own crew. Anyone can join a free and participate, but to lead a crew of their own players need a high-end apartment with a mission board and enough cash to bankroll the Online Heist. Additionally, Rockstar is requiring that Crew Leaders reach level 12. It’s the Crew Leader who assigns tasks during the mission and keeps the game saves. A lot of specialty weapons for the individual setup missions in all five Online Heists come with firearms and decent add-ons. That being said, Rockstar is encouraging players to invest in their own weapons, vehicles and clothing to make their Online Heists experience a success.

There are cash rewards for completing each setup mission in an Online Heist for members of the team other than the Crew Leader. Additionally, there are cash rewards and bonuses for completing each of the Online Heists in general. Finishing each of the Online Heists in order nets users $1 million in in-game cash. There’s a $1 million in-game cash bonus for completing all of Online Heists with the same group of friends too.

GTA Online is what Rockstar calls its Grand Theft Auto 5 online multiplayer experience. It comes free with any copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. Owners of the game on Xbox One should find their console has already updated itself — provided they haven’t disabled the consoles low-power mode. Users can manually trigger the update on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One by simply opening the game.

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