Users looking to experience Windows 10’s Xbox Live integration and tweaked interface won’t have to wait as long as previously assumed. Microsoft now says it plans on launching its Windows 10 operating system for notebooks, desktops and tablets this summer, a bit earlier than most assumed.

The Windows 10 release announcement came from Windows head Terry Meyerson this week. Meyerson shared a bit of Microsoft’s release plans for Windows 10 at the WinHec trade show. His comments were later added to the Windows Blog. WinHec brings together PC makers to give industry insiders a complete look at trends in hardware running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Biometric security is a big trend at this year’s show as Microsoft recently announced Windows 10 will finally support fingerprint readers and facial recognition instead of leaving that responsibility to hardware makers themselves.

A new Start Screen will let notebook and desktop users who only have a mouse and keyboard get the interface elements they are used to like the Taskbar and File Explorer. Cortana, the personal assistant from Windows Phone is among the features included too. Microsoft is also planning a unified store across its entire Windows ecosystem. A few weeks ago the company revealed it’d be treating Windows as another Xbox platform too, allowing PC gamers to use Xbox Live and Xbox One accessories for gaming. We’re expecting a significantly upgraded music experience too. That’s if what Microsoft showed off at its January Windows 10 Media Briefing is any indication.

Windows 10 will come as an update to Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices for free. Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 were completed in the summer, but not launched until the fall after the Back To School shopping season was over. The earlier the launch, the better chance devices running Windows 10 will have at competing against rival devices over the holidays.

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