If you have an Xbox One you can play The Crew free for two hours.

Ubisoft’s Jay Acevedo announced the new two-hour free trial this morning on Twitter. It’s the first time the game has been available for users to try without making a purchase. The Crew is part racing simulator, part online multiplayer game. It launched last fall to generally good reviews.

Short demos like this give players the opportunity to try out a title that they might have been on the fence about already. They’re also an excellent way to build hype for existing players. Anyone who starts The Crew during the free trial will have the option to keep their game save if they purchase the full versions of the game. The Crew costs $59.99 directly from the Xbox Store digitally, but Amazon currently has The Crew on sale for just $29.99, which is outrageously low.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if Xbox 360 users will get to try The Crew thanks to this two-hour free trial.

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