Even if you didn’t discover there was actually a thing called Anime Month until today, Microsoft’s Xbox Video Store and app have you covered. The company is celebrating with free episodes of Dragon Ball Z and Cow Boy Bebpop. It’s also throwing in deep discounts on entire seasons of other shows.

As of now, anyone with access to the Xbox Video’s Anime Month Sale can download the first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Pshyco Pass, Fairy Tale, Ranma, K, Tigger & Bunndy plus Attack of the Titan. These episodes are free for anyone to watch provided they have a compatible web browser, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Entire seasons of Dragon Ball Z are selling for as little as $15.99 in standard-definition. Entire seasons of RedlineZetmanNaruto, Attack of the Titan, Ranma, Fate and Campione are also on sale. Many of the shows are going for as little as $7.99 per season. Again, that is in standard-definition.

Presumably, the Xbox Video Store Anime Sale ends on April 1st when Anime Month ends, but that’s not exactly clear at this point. Unfortunately, there aren’t Xbox Video apps for iPhone or Android.

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