Microsoft only started stoking the intellectual fires of Halo fans with its HuntTheTruth audio podcast for Halo 5: Guardians last week. Now it’s dumping on more fuel with two new trailers and a hard release date for the game of October 27th.

Microsoft rolled out the second episode of its HuntTheTruth podcast early Sunday evening. In that podcast we hear more from a longtime field reporter question where series protagonist John 117 is really a hero or a villain.

Accompanying that podcast episode are the two new trailers every longtime Halo fan is talking about at this very moment. In the one trailer we see Jameson Locke, a newly minted Spartan unveiled in the Halo: Nightfall video series, about to end the life of John 117. John lays below a statue of himself. His suit is too damaged to put up a fight. The second ad shows exactly the opposite. John 117 walks among the ruins of a destroyed city with the UNSC Infinity starship floating above. He questions Locke about the price of being a hero.

In a post on Xbox Wire, 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross confirms that Microsoft will release a new episode in the HuntTheTruth podcast once a week until June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s at that event that the developer has a full reveal of the game planned, it seems.

Halo 5: Guardians is only coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Those with an Xbox 360 will need to upgrade to play the game.

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