Had a hard time finding the new Game Hubs Microsoft added in a previous update? Tired of having to go inside the Xbox Achievements app before you can see what you did to earn a new achievement? As you read this Microsoft is rolling out the April Xbox One Update to anyone and everyone with an Xbox One console.

Microsoft’s MajorNelson blog revealed the April Xbox One Update was going out to owners this morning. To be clear, this isn’t a new software update in the sense that we didn’t know it was coming. Microsoft made the April Xbox One Update available to members of the Xbox Preview Program last month.

The April Xbox One Update refreshes the Party Chat app with new iconography that makes it easier to use. Now, you can see who is muted and so on. More importantly, the Party app now provides decent tips for enabling your Microphone. It should also address some issues users with certain network configurations had with the Party app.

The Xbox One has always informed users of what achievements they earn in real time. Unfortunately, the notification forced users to deep dive into the Achievements app if they wanted to get a description of exactly what they’d just done. The April Xbox One Update updates these notifications with information about how an achievement was earned. Follow a Game Hub and it surfaces in the Activity Feed. Microsoft is also making the What’s On guide to live broadcastings for the TV app available in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Over the next few days, any Xbox One with an internet connection should download and install the update — provided that the console’s low power mode is turned on. Updates are manually triggered from the System area in the Settings app.

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