In off-hand comment by Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg is once again highlighting one of the key advantages of buying an Xbox One over Sony’s PlayStation 4 video game console. This advantage is directly related to Star Wars: Battlefront.

In a post on Twitter, Greenberg, who is currently the head of marketing for first-party and third-party video games, noted that Star Wars: Battlefront will be available for Xbox One users to play before its available on the PlayStation 4. Greenberg later clarified his message, noting that Xbox One owners with a EA Access membership is what he was referring to, not an exclusivity window like some outlets were reporting. Star Wars: Battlefront is the hugely anticipated battle simulation set in the Star Wars universe from video game developer EA Digital Illusions CE. The game is slated for release sometime this holiday.

EA Access is the subscription service that costs Xbox One owners $30 a year or $4.99 a month. Beyond downloading some of Electronic Arts’ popular titles users get limited early access to upcoming games days before they are generally available to everyone else.

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