In little less than two months, Microsoft plans to take a stage at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. What the Xbox One, Surface and software maker will announce remains a mystery, but it looks as if Microsoft will have some brand new games made by its studios to show off at the event.

Xbox head Phil Spencer shared a bit about the company’s aims for its E3 Media Briefing on Twitter late last week. According to Spencer, the company will have “new exclusive IP” to show off during this year’s briefing. He also says that he wants this year’s briefing to heavily emphasis the games users just can’t get anywhere else but Microsoft’s consoles.

Sony and Microsoft are both trying to strike a balance somewhere between offering games that users can’t get elsewhere and enabling independent developers to deliver their own experiences. Games made by studios not owned by Microsoft are available on other platforms. It’s these third-party games that sustain a console overtime, but first-party games act as bait for their respective ecosystem. It’s one reason the Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider, which appears to be a timed-exclusive, are so key.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off June 16th. Typically, Microsoft’s Xbox Media Briefing is earlier in the week.

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