Excited to cap off your Thursday with a look at the new rookies that’ll be playing this season on your favorite team? The NFL Draft is airing tonight on Xbox Live and you can watch and track all the stats in real time.

The NFL Draft kicks off tonight on the NFL Network, which means you can watch directly through the NFL app on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Those with a participating cable provider are able to watch the NFL Draft as it happens in real time. Those who don’t have a participating cable provider can still keep track of what’s going on using the NFL on Xbox One’s Draft Tracker, which can be snapped to the side of your screen while you do other things like play Grand Theft Auto 5 or watch broadcast TV. Speaking of broadcast TV, if you have your Xbox One connected to your cable or satellite box and a Kinect sensor you can watch the NFL Draft by simply saying, “Xbox, Watch NFL Network.”

The NFL Draft starts at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

You can download the NFL for Xbox One app directly from the Xbox Store on your console for free.

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