Whether you were among the first gamers on your block to purchase Dragon Age: Inquisition when it debuted last fall or a recent convert to EA’s long-running role-playing games, there’s good news all around. The Dragonslayer multiplayer and Black Emporium add-on for Dragon Age: Inquisition are finally live.

The two new pieces of content arrived in the Xbox Store this morning for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. As promised, both add-ons are completely free too. Announced last month, the Dragonslayer add-on allows players to call on new dragons to defeat along with a new agents named Skywatcher, Zither and Isabela, who is a raider queen back from adventures abroad. There’s also a new castle to conquer in Ferelden. The Black Emporium is a new all-in one shopping and customization area. The new store sells, accessories weapons, necessary crafting resources and other stuff. Those who played the two previous games in the series will get a special thrown unlocked with The Black Emporium DLC.

Xbox 360 users can download the free add-on content for Dragon Age: Inquisition directly from the Xbox Store on their console. Xbox One owners can start the Dragonsalyer and The Black Emporium downloads from Xbox.com. Last month Electronic Arts also launched the new Jaws of Hakkon expansion pack for the game.


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