Bungie is still teasing what users can expect from Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion, but that isn’t stopping publisher Activision from sharing information about what’s coming next with its investors. Early this week on an earnings call Activision confirmed that Destiny has another update coming later this year.

GameInformer was on Activision’s earnings call when it confirmed that there’s a huge update for Destiny set to arrive late in the year. The publisher didn’t reveal anything else about the update, which makes sense as it only mentioned the update to give investors an idea of what money-making products it has planned for the busy fall and holiday season. Activision didn’t mention a name during the call. It also didn’t say whether users would need to pay for the coming update. Bundie did file for a trademark for something called “The Taken King,” which could be this mysterious update we didn’t know was coming until now.

House of Wolves adds a new social area, two new game modes and a way to upgrade weapons as you level. The expansion is set to arrive for Destiny players on all platforms May 19th including the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Those who paid for the Destiny Expansion Pass will get House of Wolves free.

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