So you’re looking for more premium cable action complete with bloody swords, do-or-die stakes and inexplicably complex story lines. Throw in a dash of historical context and cheap episodes of Vikings sounds like something someone thought up just for you. Vikings is on sale this week in the Xbox Video Store.

As of now, absolutely anyone with access to Microsoft’s Xbox Video Store can purchase entire seasons of Vikings for just $14.99. To be clear, that $14.99 gets users standard definition versions of the Game of Thrones like show. High-definition versions of Vikings are on sale in Xbox Video for $19.99 per season. Viking is all about the life and times of Ragnar Lothbrok. It’s History’s first scripted television series.

Anyone can purchase movies and television shows directly from Microsoft’s Xbox Video website, but streaming depends on Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin for now. Even with the plugin only standard definition streams are available online. To stream in high-definition users need access to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PCs and Windows Phones versions of Xbox Video. Xbox Video isn’t available on the iPhone or devices running Google’s Android operating system, even tough Microsoft’s Xbox Music subscription service is.

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