Into hour-long programs that make you question everything you know and don’t know about your world? Fox’s Wayward Pines isn’t quite enough to make you question your place in the universe, but it’s definitely decent enough to make you wonder exactly what kind of town Agent Burke just found himself stranded in. You can find out for yourself, the pilot episode of Wayward Pines is available completely free in Xbox Video.

As of right now, Wayward Pines is available absolutely free to anyone and everyone with access to Microsoft’s video service. The show stars Matt Dillon as a secret service agent. He finds himself trapped in a strange town with nothing to his name and no clue of what’s happening around him.

Anyone can purchase videos from Xbox Video on the web, but there are only Xbox Video apps for Windows and Windows Phone. A season pass for Wayward Pines costs $29.99 in high-definition.

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