Batman: Arkham Knight pre-orders are available in the Xbox Store beginning today and those who do pre-order to stand to save a bit on the Premium Edition of the game that includes that rather expensive season pass.

Microsoft’s Xbox Store began taking Batman: Arkham Knight pre-orders earlier this week. To the amazement of those investigating purchasing the game, the pre-order Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition is $89.99. That’s down from the $99.99 video game publisher Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment told gamers to expect. Purchasing the Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass separately costs $40 separately from the basic version of the game, which is $60 in the Xbox Store on its own.

$40 for downloadable content is pretty steep, but developer Rocktseady Studios has months of solid add-on content planned for the game. Batman: Arkham Knight is the final game in the long-running trilogy. You still play as Batman, but he’s jointed by other members of his classic crime fighting team and the Batmobile.

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