As rumored, Microsoft has something coming for those who have run out of storage space for their digital games and more. This morning the company announced the 1TB Xbox One console. As its name suggests, the Xbox One inside includes a whopping 1TB of storage. That’s roughly double what’s available on store shelves now.

Microsoft detailed the new 1TB Xbox One in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog this morning with less than a week left until its E3 2015 Media Briefing. Available for pre-order at Amazon, the new 1TB Xbox One will cost $399 when it goes on sale June 16th. Physically, that console itself will look identical to the black Xbox One consoles already available. The Xbox One Wireless Controller included with the bundle will have improved tactile feedback on its trigger and bumper controls, a built-in audio jack and support firmware updating without a USB cable — something the current Xbox One Wireless Controller does not.

Having more storage means that users can keep their digital games around that much longer. Today, the Xbox One’s 500GB hard drive can be supplemented with an external USB drive, but it seems few people actually do that. Instead, they simply delete games and add-ons on the console’s internal hard drive, meaning they can’t play large swaths of their game collection on-demand. Worse, re-downloading games can take some time for those with weaker broadband connections.

Microsoft plans to offer the improved controller in separate bundles too.

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