Microsoft apparently knows that without Batman: Arkham Knight the summer gaming season is a pretty big bust as we wait for more exciting titles in the fall. Starting today, it’s offering big discounts on mainstream Xbox One titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition and Mortal Kombat X as part of its Xbox Ultimate Games Sale.

Microsoft officially teased the Xbox Ultimate Games Sale last week with a short sizzle reel, but it’s only in the last few hours or so that the savings has gone live in the Xbox Store. Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Game of Thrones Season Pass, Halo The Master Chie Collection, Killer Instinct Season 2, Tales from The Borderlands Episodes 2-5 and Tower of Guns are all 40% off.

Dragon Age Inquisition, Diablo 3, Geometry Wars, Shadow of Mordor, Need for Speed Complete, Slender: The Arrival, Outlast, Sniper Elite 3, Sleeping Dogs, Tales from the Borderlands Episodes 1-5, Legend of Korra, The Telltale Collection, The Walk Dead Seasons 1-2, WWE 2K15, White Night and Watch Dogs are all 50% off.

Impressive savings also includes Saints Row 4, Far Cry 4 and Titanfall for $60% off. Lego Batman 3 has a whopping 75% discount running. Mortal Kombat X and Grand Theft Auto 5 are 25% off their normal price. All of these are digital titles, meaning buyers will need space to store them on their Xbox One if they plan on playing.

There’s no word yet on when the Xbox Ultimate Games Sale will end even officially begin. Store Parcer actually caught the discounted title sales. We’re still waiting for Microsoft to make a general post about the deals. There’s no promotional page for the deals yet, but they’re all live in the Xbox Store online and on the Xbox One itself.

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