Microsoft just can’t stop coming up with Xbox One bundles meant to attract every type of upgrader this fall and holiday season. First it announced a Halo 5: Guardians themed console, then followed that up with consoles that come with free digital copies of Madden 16 and Gears of War Ultimate Edition. This morning the company unveiled the Xbox One Elite Bundle, a matte black Xbox One that comes with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller announced in June and a special hard drive upgrade inside.

The Xbox One Elite Bundle was unveiled to the world this morning in a post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft’s dedicated blog for everything concerning its efforts in gaming. Coming this November for $499, the Xbox One Elite Bundle will come the Elite Wireless Controller and an internal hard drive that has 1TB of storage. This 1TB hard drive has hybrid technology, meaning it has a solid state drive for better performance. Solid state technology is built into the iPhone, Android smartphones and most high-end notebook PCs these days. The change will result in 20 percent less start-up time, according to Microsoft. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller has customizable buttons and joysticks, along with detachable paddles. The controller will let players map the buttons for their favorite games. Only the Microsoft Store and GameStop will offer the Xbox One Elite Bundle when it goes on sale November 3rd.

Microsoft also unveiled the Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller today too. It’ll be available exclusively from GameStop for $64.99 and includes the dedicated headset jack from the refresh controller Microsoft revealed earlier this year.

We’re already working on a major update for our Xbox One 2015 Timeline that includes the Xbox One Elite Bundle and new controller. Expect that update to go live in a few hours.


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