Have Microsoft’s Xbox 360 entertainment consoles? Good news, you’ve now got 2GB of cloud storage at your disposal and an Activity Feed to fill with your musings. That’s provided you’ve got an internet connection to download day’s Xbox 360 software update.

Microsoft announced this week’s software update on its Major Nelson news blog early this morning. As users connect their console to Xbox Live they’ll get invited to download the upgrade and install it. To be clear, there’s no way to connect to Xbox Live without installing the software update, which is why it’s great that Microsoft has been testing the update on Xbox 360 Preview Program members for a while now.

The 2GB of free storage allows Xbox 360 users to keep more of their game saves in the cloud. The Xbox 360s and Xbox 360e both have built-in wireless cards for connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Now users can take those consoles to a hotel or place that forces them to agree to specific terms before connecting. Groove Music and Microsoft Movies and TV are included in the update, but don’t come packing any new extras. Gamers can redeem codes sent directly to them over Xbox Live and the Xbox 360 now sees Xbox One users.

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