When you’re building a music collection in Microsoft’s Groove subscription service you need to craft your playlists by hand or use its seriously limited Radio feature. If a picture on the company’s Groove Music website is any indication that’ll change soon enough. Some kind of automatically created playlists outside of the Radio feature is included in a screenshot posted to the Groove Music website.

The en noticed a stack of curated playlists in a picture on the Groove Music website that describes how loading music you already own to OneDrive works. In the picture a notebook is sitting on a table with the Groove Music app for Windows 10 open to the user’s collection of Artists. On the far right of the Artist page is a new column inviting users to check playlists created just for them. The area doesn’t exist in the Groove Music app that’s available right now.

Curated playlists were a big part of Groove Music back when it launched as Zune. Each week a team of DJs created playlists that users could subscribe to. Called Channels, these playlists changed each week. Microsoft killed the feature before becoming Xbox Music. The company killed all playlists not created by users soon after. Microsoft has Groove Music apps on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and the web.

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