Someone at Microsoft finally got around to cutting the price of the console’s very expensive camera and motion accessory. Effective immediately, Microsoft has temporarily lowered the price of the Kinect for Xbox One to $99.

Microsoft’s Larry Hryb announced the change on Major Nelson late yesterday. Describing the savings as for a “limited-time promotional” offer, anyone who purchases a brand new Kinect sensor beginning today, gets the cheaper price. Originally, Microsoft sold the Xbox One together with the Kinect for Xbox One sensor for $499.99. In 2014 the company rectified that mistake, breaking the Xbox One out into two bundles, one with a Kinect and another without the Kinect. The standalone Kinect sensor is meant for users who purchased a console without the sensor in the box. Microsoft is also lowering the cost of the Kinect + Xbox One bundle to $399. That move makes sense given the company has already announced a replacement for this bundle with fresher games.

Kinect for Xbox One allows users to control their cable box directly from the Xbox One’s interface. It can talk to televisions and audio equipment too. Voice control lets users navigate the entire Xbox One interface and some games let users play with just their hands. It supports Skype video calling and Twitch streaming too.

Hryb says that the new pricing is only for users in the United States, Canada and Mexico. He doesn’t say how long that promotion price will.

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