The Microsoft Movies & TV Store has a pretty uninteresting name. That being said, who cares about what it’s called when you can watch the pilot episode of what MTV hopes will be the smash fantasy hit of the season free? For now Xbox One, Windows PC and even Mac owners can watch the first episode of The Shannara Chronicles free through Microsoft’s Movies & TV apps and services.

The Shannara Chronicles pilot and behind the sense content is available directly through Microsoft’s Windows Store. The show is about an elf who dares to buck tradition and a boy who’s out to find his destiny. Naturally, things go wrong and its up to our team of heroes to put them right. There’s lots of scenery to take and sorcery to behold. Picture a younger Game Of Thrones and you’ve got the right idea.

Once you’ve added the content to your library you’ll need something to play it through. Besides the web, Microsoft Movies & TV has apps on Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone. Microsoft Movies & TV isn’t available on iPhones, iPads and Android. The service has lowered the price of a season pass of The Shannara Chronicles to $19.99 in high-definition.

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