Right about now, every sports fan is prepping for the NBA Playoffs. They’re looking over game time schedules, reevaluating their decision to ditch cable television and likely sporting all of the Lebron James gear they can get their hands on. Rest assured playoff fans, a select few of you will be able to watch the NBA Playoffs on Xbox Live using a mix of apps and services.

Tonight at 8 PM on TNT the NBA Playoffs starts with a live broadcast of the Golden State Warriors vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers game will follow on TNT at 10:30 PM. The best part about these games airing on TNT is that the Xbox One is the only gaming console that allows users to stream TNT through the Sling TV. Sling TV costs $20 a month for a basic line up that includes TNT and ESPN. All of these times are Eastern Standard. The dedicated ESPN app for Xbox One and Xbox 360 should have highlights and score tracking.

Of course, anyone with an Xbox One connected to their cable box can simply say, “Xbox, Watch TNT” to hopefully watch Labron stomp Golden State. If you do, be sure to read people’s messages on Twitter as the game airs through the OneGuide.

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