Congratulations to everyone that’s managed to go on quest after quest in the northeast United States and lived to tell the tale. Video game developer has new content for Fallout 4 players that have exhausted the game’s existing content. Unfortunately, that content will come at a higher price than what the studio originally planned.

Bethesda details the new Fallout 4 content in a post on the game’s newsblog. Fallout 4 launched to very impressive sales last year November. Since then, we hadn’t heard anything about the new content Bethesda planned to offer to everyone that purchased the game’s season pass.

Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor are all coming as add-ons for Fallout 4. Automatron is due out in March and will include a story mission that tasks players with hunting down the evil robotic creations of the Mechanist. Players will be able to take parts of the robots they find and built their own custom companion. The studio is promising hundreds of mods, options and customization armor for robotic companions, none of which were in the original game. Automatron will cost $9.99 on its own.

Due out in April, Wasteland Workshop will cost $4.99. This add-on lets players “capture live creatures” from the game world. These creatures can be trained to battle other in-game characters too. New add-on content for settlements lets players give their homes just a bit more personality.

Due out in May, Far Harbor is huge. The full-on expansion takes players to Maine, where they’ll attempt to deal with a conflict between the people who live there and the Children of Atom. Bethesda says this is the largest piece of add-on content it has ever added to a game. It’s price reflects that stature, costing $24.99 on its own.

That price brings us to the changes in pricing. Since launch, Bethesda has promised every piece of content to players for the $29.99 Fallout 4 Season Pass. Changes in its roadmap necessitate a price hike. Beginning March 1st, the season pass will cost $49.95, just $10 less than the cost of the base game. Smartly, Bethesda is airing on the side of fans and not asking those that have purchased the pass already for anymore money; they’ll get the upgrades at no additional charge. Those who sign up for the Fallout 4 beta program and are selected won’t pay for any of the extra content at all. Of course, they’ll act as an early warning system for any problems with the add-on content.

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