Microsoft kicked off March with a new Xbox One update that improves the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility in some big ways. The March Xbox One Update finally brings the Xbox 360 games to the Xbox Store for purchase.

The company announced the update this morning on its Xbox Wire news blog, at the same time as embargoes on coverage of last week’s Xbox & Windows games showcase lifted. Xbox One owners can expect the update if they’re in the Xbox One Preview Program to arrive today. It’ll roll out to everyone later in the month.

Microsoft kicked off the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program late last year. Since then, gamers have been able to download digital versions of the Xbox 360 games they own in their Xbox Store library or insert a disc. Anyone that didn’t own a physical copy of a game in the program or a digital version from the Xbox 360 had to buy it through the Xbox Store online. The March Xbox One Update fixes that problem.

Twitch is picking up the ability to broadcast the voices of everyone in a Party, instead of just the Party host. A switch inside Volume Settings allows users to broadcast Party Chat through their headphones, speakers or both. Users can set Game DVR to record clips for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. Achievements can be tracked directly from the Xbox Guide. Videos play directly from the Xbox Live Activity Feed. The Reputation meter is now invisible when users haven’t ruined other people’s online experience. Avatar comparisons are possible too. Lastly, 16 different people can be in the same Party.

Microsoft’s plans to boost Party Chat and remove the reputation meter on the Xbox on Windows Beta app tomorrow.

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