If you’re reading this and happen to have a PS4 and a copy of Ubisoft’s The Division at a register, think twice. Ubisoft says that Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console will get access to the first two expansions of The Division a month before PlayStation 4 owners.

Ubisoft confirmed the early access window for the first two expansions of The Division yesterday on its blog. The Division just arrived on store shelves and the Xbox Store this morning, officially. Xbox One users will get to purchase Underground and Survival 30 days before PlayStation 4 owners do. The deal doesn’t cover The Last Stand, the game’s final major expansion launching within the next year. It doesn’t cover the smaller feature updates that Ubisoft Massive plans to deliver on the regular either.

All told, everything doesn’t seem as bad as users might have assumed early on. Destiny held content back that Xbox One owners had paid for a full calendar year after it arrived on PlayStation. If the exclusivity deal is enough to sway you, consider picking up the $399 Xbox One Bundle that includes The Division at no extra charge. The season pass for The Division is $39.99.

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