With Quantum Break coming in just a few week’s time, Microsoft’s public relation machine is kicking into high gear. The company has partnered with more than a few media outlets to get Quantum Break footage out on the web and Xbox One owners excited.

The number of YouTube Channels all offering footage beginning today is almost unbelievable. DashieGames, ChristopherOdd and ReadyUpLive all have some videos up. These videos are from early parts of the game, not some of the more consequential stuff that might come later. Quantum Break is a third-person shooter with Shawn Ashmore. Besides guns, Ashmore and the game’s villains use time as a weapon against each other.

Remedy Entertainment developed the game, just as it did Alan Wake, another Xbox exclusive game. A digital copy of Alan Wake also comes with every digital pre-order. Additionally, Microsoft is throwing in a code to unlock the game for Xbox on Windows.

Along with the video footage, there’s word that Remedy wasn’t able to get the game to a point where it could maintain frame rates while running at a native 1080p resolution. Instead,Quantum Break runs at 720P and upscale to 1080p, according to EuroGamer.

Some folks are already threatening to leave Xbox One for PlayStation 4 since blockbuster titles aren’t ever able to deliver 1080p on Xbox.

No word what resolution these people expect Quantum Break to run on Sony’s console. Quantum Break is an Xbox exclusive. The game arrives on store shelves April 5th.

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