Someone at Microsoft Movies & TV enjoys mind honoring Anime Month in a big way. For years, the video streaming service has offered up free episodes of Anime classics to users of Xbox One, Windows PCs and more during this time of the year. This week, the service kicked off its biggest Anime Month celebration in recent memory. Anime Month in Microsoft Movies & TV packs discounts on Bleach, Psycho and Blood Lad. There’s also some free Dragon Ball Z for fans to claim.

Microsoft kicked off its Anime Month promotion earlier this week. Besides the cheaper titles I’ve already mentioned, there are discounted seasons of Black Lagoon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, High School DcD, Death Note, Samurai Champloo, Black Butler, Deadman Wonderland, Maken-Ki, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Seraph of the End Vampire Reign, Stein’s Gate, Tokyo Ghoul, Trigun, Assassination Classroom, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Sailor Moon, Morbito: Guardian of the Spirit and K. Anything purchased in the Windows Store can be streamed through Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows phones and devices running Windows 10.

As for the free Dragon Ball Z, it is available on those same platforms with just a click. The only requirement Microsoft has is the one you’d expect. You need a Microsoft Account to claim the free first season of Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail. The same goes for the extensive list of free first episodes and discounts available through the Anime Month promotion. My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Beybload Metal Masters, Digimon Adventures, Digimon Frontier, Digimon Fusion, Digimon Tamers Kill la Kill, Sword Art Online, Valvrave the Liberator, Yu-Gi-Oh, Zatch Bell, and Accel World have free pilots available to anyone.

Presumably, Microsoft will wrap these deal up when July comes to a close. Though not a huge Anime fan, even I can appreciate some discounted episode of Digimon. It always had better writing than Pokémon anyway.

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